Wednesday, October 22, 2014

lorac mega pro palette and the sneakiest sneak

LORAC eyeshadow

If you are like me you are lusting after this beauty up above.
(also if you've been reading my blog, or know me you can 
tell this palette has me written all over it)

I wasn't impressed with the new Vice 3 palette by Urban Decay this year, if I'm honest,
which was SO super disappointing. I fell head over heels with their Vice 2 last year and
bought her as soon as I could. She was beautiful inside and out and I display her on
my desk currently and she's a perfect addition.

The sad thing about Mr. LORAC Mega PRO is that for some unknown reason
LORAC has made him as a once it's gone it's gone item on their website and the only
other place it's available is Amazon. Well, Amazon sold out too and the palette is limited
edition, so far, and considered a holiday palette. It's mid October though and I don't even 
think Santa Claus could promise the best girl in the whole world this palette.

Fear not!
For I have found a solution.
What I have stumbled upon is some very valuable information.
That being that..Amazon is a very sneaky sneak. Possibly the sneakiest sneak.
They will randomly at the most random times all of a sudden allow you to "add to cart"
Mr. LORAC Mega Pro. That sounds great, right?!
The catch is you have to babysit the website and constantly refresh, refresh, refresh.

I did just that to see if these people that suggested that on LORAC's Facebook page 
were phonies or telling the truthsies. Turns out..IT IS TRUE!!!
I just bought mine at 1:42 this morning! He will be arriving November 3rd
and I am impatiently and eagerly awaiting.

If you are dedicated and willing to attach your fingers and eyeballs to your computer
then just go to this here website, and make your account if you do not already have one,
and refresh, refresh, refresh!!! I swear it will pay off!!!

(It also says they will restock on October 29th but I find that the dates
are unreliable. It used to say October 23rd and 18th. Also, the alerts you can sign up for
can sometimes not alert you until 12 hours after the product has been restocked. You are
your BEST weapon in this makeup war.)

Thursday, October 9, 2014


October 7th was my 25th birthday.
I've been on this earth for 25 years and I officially can now rent a car.

Due to me turning a year older I thought it would be fun for me to jot down a list
of all the things that I loved when I was 24. My interests most likely will never change, but 
what I'm loving within said interest will probably change year through year. I love lists and this
is purely just for my own amusement and personal records, but I figured I would share.

1. favorite book(s): gone with the wind & to kill a mockingbird & the great gatsby
2. favorite artist(s): matisse & monet & manet & degas 
& warhol & pollock & picasso & rothko
3. favorite color(s): pastels & gold & white & black
4. favorite song(s): any and all lana del rey
5. favorite scent(s): nirvana black & nirvana white 
& flowerbomb & midnight fleur
6. favorite food(s): pizza & pomegranates
7. favorite movie(s): gone with the wind & how to lose a guy in 10 days
8. favorite holiday(s): easter & halloween
9. favorite makeup item(s): creme blush & mascara & highlighters
10. favorite nail color(s): any milky pink or nude & opi teenage dream 
& opi muppets world tour & opi paris couture for sure
11. favorite drink(s): sweet tea & lemonade & cherry coke
12. favorite jewelry item(s): my rose gold monogram necklace & silver tiffany key necklace from T
13. favorite clothing item(s): my leather jacket
14. favorite tv show(s): the oc & scandal & parks and recreation & hart of dixie 
& nashville & shark tank & true detective & silicon valley & game of thrones & hell on wheels
(I watch a lot of netflix & recorded shows, not sorry about it)
15. favorite dessert(s): pound cake & candy/caramel apples & cotton candy
& caramel sea salt everything

Friday, October 3, 2014



Can you tell I'm excited?
It is officially my favorite month of the year and I am obsessed.

Why you ask?
1. It's my birth month. (and T's birth month too!!!)
2. Fall is officially here and is obviously the superior season of all.
3. The fair! Corn mazes! Haunted houses! Candy/Caramel apples!!!
4. Cooler weather finally!!! (being from the wonderful deep south this is so exciting)
5. Vampy lips and nails! Boots and scarves! Layering!
^the most exciting one, clearly

I love Halloween and have always been incredibly addicted to dressing up
and getting all prepared for that special night. I also used my birthday to my advantage
while I was growing up to have a very reasonable request for TWO costumes because
for my birthday party I would always have a costume party or dress up theme.

I can't wait to think up ideas for costumes and share them with y'all through the month!
Happy October and I hope you're ready to make it spooktacular!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

first impression friday

First things first!
I'm really a week late and behind on my posts so this should have been up last week. I ended up getting sick after my flight home and couldn't shake it off like I usually do so my posts
are a little out of whack this week. I'm sorry!!


This FIF is featuring Pantene's new blowout extend dry shampoo!
I am obsessed with dry shampoos. I would go as far as to say that I'm their biggest fan.
There's nothing I love more than not washing my hair. Such a hassle, right?!
And not that great of a pay off. Styling your hair is always easier and looks more amaze
on second, third, fourth..fifth..... day hair!
(don't panic y'all, I wash my body every day just not my hair)

For all y'all who have never tried this gem of life changing hair product I suggest going out
and getting you some as soon as possible. Like right now. Stop reading and go get a can.

Washing your hair every day is really bad for your hair and strips it of its natural oils and causes more frizz and more super dry, brittle hair. I know you might not feel like you can 
go without a wash but you can! I promise! And the more you do it the more your hair reacts 
by getting used to it and realizing it can slow it's roll on the natural oils being produced. I can have some oily roots and dry shampoo saves the day all the time.

That being said..this product is not one that I would recommend you purchase. Sadly.
I found it not very helpful in making my hair look refreshed and gorgeous again.
It also made my hair feel gunky. I could totally tell and feel that there was product in my hair.
It weighed it down and I'm a volume craver. I'm from the South..come on.

It just felt tacky and yuck. I could 100% guarantee that this type of dry shampoo would
not be allowing me to use it more than once. If I sprayed this 
stuff on my hair the next way.
This was not the one.

I was really bummed out by this too because I'm always searching for a cheaper dry shampoo
seeing as I go through it like water. I live for this type of product and this baby was only
$4.97 and would have been such a steal if it had worked out for me.

I have dark, dark brunette hair and this product did not make my roots
look grey or ashy or anything. My hair did soak it up without white residue.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


If you're one of my close friends you probably know this about me.
I am obsessed with Lauren Katherine Conrad.
or Lauren Katherine Tell as she is known now because..


I know, I know.
She might not be your cup of tea and that's fine.
I just find her the most adorable person I've ever had the joy to grow up with.

Laguna Beach and The Hills were MY tv shows.
I never missed an episode when they were on.
I loved getting to know Lauren and have her on my television
every week. Especially when she and I were going through the same things.


She was so relatable and my kind of person. I just knew that if we ever
were somehow to meet we would be best friends immediately. I'm also obsessed
with her bestie Lo Bosworth. Those two are characters together and I love it.

Enough about my fictional best friendship with Lauren and onto the important news.
To William Tell who used to be in one of my all time favorite bands.
Something Corporate.
Coincidence? I think not.

Well they met on a blind date on Valentine's Day of 2012
and the rest is history.

I personally cannot think of anyone else who deserves finally getting her happy ending than she does.
Remember all her struggles in love and how awful some of the guys she had relationships with treated her? She has seen her fair share of love and loss and I could not be happier for her. She is the marrying type and I'm so happy she gets to have her happily ever after with a tall, handsome man who seems to love her to pieces.

I purchased the issue of US Weekly this past weekend solely because it featured
their wedding and I was not about to miss out on having tangible pictures to look at and cut
up to put in my own wedding lookbook for when I get to have my own special fairytale day.
And let's just say they did not disappoint. She had the most dreamy wedding. I would have given my right arm to be a guest. Everything was just so classy and at least the type of things that I'm into.
From her custom made wedding dress to Rifle Paper Co. creating their own logo and their invites to her bridesmaid dresses and bouquets. I am just in love with all of it.


I highly recommend you picking up the issue before it's too late and taking a gander into the fabulous wedding of Lauren and William. It really would have been a breathtaking event to witness.
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